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Blades by Margo Hammond at ANDTheatre Company's Eclectic Evening of Briefs

February 28-March 8, 2020

Blades, a 10-minute comedy by Margo Hammond about two warring blades of suburban grass, will be presented in an evening of short plays called 'Briefs' by ANDTheatre in their Ecletic Evening of Shorts at Theatre 54, Shetler Studios, 244 w 54th Street, New York, NY. Come see me on these following dates:

Friday, February 28th @ 9pm

Saturday, February 29th @ 2pm and 7pm

Sunday, March 1st @ 2pm

Thursday, March 5th @ 9pm

Friday, March 6th @ 7pm

Saturday, March 7th @ 4pm

Sunday, March 8th @ 4 pm

Catch me on Investigation Discovery's Dead of Winter as Joy

Thursday, January 16th at 9pm

After a mother, her children, and two boys disappear, concerns grow about a possible serial killer.

Catch me on Investigation Discovery's The Interrogator as Jennifer McKinley

Thursday, January 9th at 10pm

Jennifer McKinley, 28, is strangled to death in her bedroom while her young son sleeps; Detective Fil Waters learns the victim's mother was murdered 25 years ago in a case that has never been solved.

Certified with Recommendation in Unarmed Combat for Film and Stage!

September 15, 2019

I recently finished my 10-week, 30-hour training course in Unarmed Combat at Neutral Chaos in Brooklyn, NY. Pleased to be certified with recommendation from the Society of American Fight Directors!

The Clown at Festival of Cinema NYC

Thursday, August 8th at 3:30pm

The Clown has found its way to NYC! Come join us in my hometown to catch this absurd beauty of a film.

Superhero Syndrome for sale on Audible and iTunes!

When Tess McBray checks herself out of the hospital to watch a meteor shower, she fully expects to die. After all, people like her, suffering from severe cases of Solstice Syndrome, don’t last long off an IV. This Syndrome turns into much more. Alongside masked vigilante, The Fox, Tess takes on adventures larger than she has signed up for, but ends up saving the ones she loves in the process.

Vampire Landlord for sale on Audible and iTunes!

Lori is a college student who discovers that her best friend has gone missing. When she finds her friend, Lori  learns she has moved to an expensive penthouse on Chicago's pristine lakefront and that her new landlord has weird behaviors. 

The new hickeys appearing on her friend's neck cause concern, and her friend isn't feeling well. Her pale complexion, sudden onset of anemia, and low blood pressure cause her to suffer from dizzy spells and fainting. It's not long before Lori suspects her friend's new landlord is a vampire. 

Find out what happens next when Lori confronts the Vampire Landlord!

March 29-March 31

Unveiling Liberty by Charlotte Rahn-Lee and Jennie Contuzzi is back from March 29th - 31st! 

It's 1886 and ten-year-old Isabelle is enamored of the enormous statue about to be unveiled in New York harbor.

3/29 @ 6:30pm
3/30 @ 2:30; 6:30pm
3/31 @ 2:30pm 

Location: The Apple Tree House 
298 Academy Street, Jersey City

The Clown at Atlantic City Cinefest

Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 3:40pm

Another chance to catch The Clown! Come on down to the Atlantic City Cinefest on October 13th at 3:40pm. A fun weekend away with some fun indie movies to match! See you there at Dante Hall!

Veritas for sale on Audible and iTunes!

Veritas by Quinn Coleridge, my first audiobook narration, is finally available for sale on Audible! Check it out!

Hester Grayson's own soul is at stake when she works with the dead. Either they cross over to the spirit world in a timely fashion or become hideous wraiths doomed to haunt her for eternity. 

The Clown at Reading Film Festival

November 3rd at 4pm

We filmed a slightly dark and very dryly humorous, but emotionally real and true gem of a feature film last year called The Clown and it is now starting to be accepted into different festivals! Our first festival screening announced has been the Reading Film Festival on November 3rd at 4pm at the Reading IMAX Theater!

Barnaby Hatchett, a lonely man whose life is a mess, is presented with a whole new set of problems when he finds himself harassed everyday as he goes in and out of work by a dark clown who lives in the parking lot of his employer's building, and that only he can see. I play an oddball character named Dottie. Click here to watch the trailer!

Reading of Let Maisy Rest in Peace at the Mile Square Theatre

September 25th, 2018 at 7pm

I will be playing Ms. Holt in Margo Hammond's new play, Let Maisy Rest in Peace for a reading at Mile Square Theatre in Hoboken, NJ. You are welcome to join us at 7pm on September 25th! At his wife’s dying request, Walter respectfully buries her in the front yard of their home in Tinder Hill, Alabama. Some folks loyally support the gravesite location while others are unsure of the “flashy” memorial that’s drawing considerable attention on Main Street. When the Town Council intervenes, Walter is torn between honoring his promise to Maisy and considering the needs of his economically distressed community.

Artist in Residence at Drew University for Spring Dance Show

April 17-20, 2018

My alma mater has invited me back to premiere a dance piece for their spring dance show! I am so very honored and psyched to be back and welcoming a new group of wonderful dancers, creators and performers into the world who will be graduating this year. I will also be hosting a master class teaching "my style"...let's settle on rhythmic comedy movement performance...for now! Come on out to see a wonderful evening of dance!

What a fun time at The Clown screening!

January 20, 2018

We were finally able to sit down and see the fruits of our labor from this past summer at the screening of The Clown written, directed and produced by Bruce Gorman. The film now begins its journey entering the festival circuit. No telling what might happen next, but I am so proud of everyone who came together to make this such a great movie and experience! Can't wait to share it with you!

March 3-5, 2017

In preparation for a touring season through schools in the tri-state area, Speranza Theatre Company is presenting the first fully staged production of its new repertoire, a young adult's play called Unveiling Liberty by Charlotte Rahn-Lee and Jennie Contuzzi. The story follows the unveiling of the historic Statue of Liberty and what it represented and continues to represent to our country and around the world: as a citizen, as a woman, and as an immigrant. I will be portraying Isabelle. Our March 3rd performance at 7:30pm is FREE to the public. Otherwise, you can soon buy tickets through the Speranza website below. Hope to see you there!

Shadow of Doubt, Ep. 208 on Investigation Discovery airs February 7th!

Februay 7th at 10pm

I recently had the pleasure of working with the wonderful cast and crew of Investigation Discovery's Shadow of Doubt. I play the young Jeneanne Sims in a lovely love-bird flashback scene. Look out for it at 10pm on Tuesday, February 7, 2017!

'59RPM with Current Harbor at HERE Arts Center

August 24-26th at 7pm and August 27th at 2pm

Coming up later this month, I will be performing at HERE Arts Center in Current Harbor's '59RPM, directed and choreographed by Annalisa Ledson. '59RPM is a dance theater whirlwind playfully puncturing the bubble gum veneer of nostalgic American Pop madness, vividly dissecting the dark currents beneath the seemingly sugary tunes of 1959. Through intricate sound design and theatrical exposés, '59RPM explores the intimate bond between violence and civil rights. These catchy tunes may lure us into initial enjoyment, but by illuminating the darkness lingering beneath nostalgia, an unsettling and absurd story often rises to the surface.

The Three Mile Limit at Theater for the New City

March 17th - April 3rd, 2016

Coming up this spring, I will be premiering Barbara Kahn's new play, The Three Mile Limit, at Theater for the New City directed by Robert Gonzales, Jr. I will play Marge in this play about a host of characters, both real and fictional, who cross paths and stories while on board a cruise back to the States in this 1920's period piece. I am very excited because this is my first extended run of a play in New York City! For a sneak peek of pictures from rehearsals, click here.

Limbo Applying to Festival Circuit!

In Arvind Searwar's new film, Limbo, I play Ruby Atree opposite John Younger, portrayed by Cronin Cullen.I have temporarily removed copy of the film from my website while we apply to festivals across the nation! It will return to my gallery page soon!Thank you to everyone who made this possible - especially our crew: Gina Gioldassis, Eduardo Echegorri and Konrad Kosiak.And thank YOU for your support.

Class Reunion back on stage!

Tuesday, June 23 at 6:45pm

Through a wonderful opportunity with Artists Without Walls, Phoebe Farber's Class Reunion will be having its own reunion at The Cell Theatre on 23rd Street in New York City this June! Scott Brieden and I premiered this play at StrangeDog Theatre's Beer-Battered Play Festival.  If you missed the first run, make sure to come out and see this return evening production! It's a kooky, laugh out loud comedy.Hope to see you there!

March 27 and 28, 2015

Happy to be back with StrangeDog Theatre Company for their fourth annual Beer Battered Play Festival at Tierney's Tavern Upstairs in Montclair, NJ! Last year, I worked with StrangeDog at Luna Stage for their production of Enchanted Arms. This event will be quite a fun alternative! I have the honor of portraying the kooky, oddball, Cary, in Phoebe Farber's short play called Class Reunion. Come join StrangeDog for this festival celebrating new plays in a non-traditional setting, communal story telling, live music, and bar fun with friends. 

November 12th at 7pm

Returning for a second season at Speranza Theatre Company, this new play by Merri Biechler will be playing at the Barrow Mansion in Jersey City.  ALL festival performances are FREE! In Occupation, an underground movement of young women calling themselves Civilians are strapping bombs to their backs and blowing up Government Officials. Bombs are the new black. Someone has to bury what's left of these dead girls. Someone has to stand up for the Government Officials. And someone has to tattoo the girls' identity to her foot before she makes her delivery.

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